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India comprises most area of the Indian subcontinent. In the north of the Himalayas is a natural border and further south the Indian Ocean surrounds the state.The neighboring states of India are Pakistan, China (Tibet), Nepal, Burma (Myanmar), Bhutan and Bangladesh. The multi-ethnic state with nearly 1.2 billion (!) Inhabitants, the largest democracy on earth. The different cultures and traditions of many peoples and religion have influenced each other for thousands of, but still retained their independence. Discover the colorfulness of India on your dream trip with Travelchacha. The enormous diversity of India provides for almost every taste: Beautiful beaches , impressive landscapes, scented bazaars, bold Trekking - Cultural and Wellness - enjoy with travel chacha an unforgettable holiday in India and tours, restless million cities, a lot of history.India is hardly the way you expect it. There she meets the unexpected constantly appearing constantly and everywhere in bizarre shapes.General travel information about India India is known to be a safe country . For your next stay, we recommend a study of good travel guides with characteristic behavioral recommendations. What additional vaccines are recommended various Indian regions for, you can here read. India can very well priced with the train travel. The trains offer classes at different, we recommend a ticket for the 2nd class sleeper , "because since there is a very good value for money. Those who want more convenience, take the "first class" and usually comes in the added benefit of air conditioning. Objectives are connected to the railway network does not, we are just less comfortable buses, "bumpy" roads. The trip by renting a car in traffic systems and the Indian traffic on Indian roads is really just for professionals. For shorter distances, you are probably in one of the most visible everywhere autorickshaws enter, for the use of which experience has shown that Europeans and others may pay a fare;) The price level in the emerging country is significantly lower than in Germany or Austria. The currency is the Indian rupee (Rs). Notes to 500 or 1,000 rupees can hardly be accepted. 1 EURO is about 60 rupees (April 2008). Here you will find a current converter. In a middle class restaurant will be rupees for a meal around 100 calls (2007).

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